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1838 Black Metropolis Partners with The Black Journey Walking Tour to Expand Tour Date and Times


Philadelphia, PA - March 27, 2024 - The 1838 Black Metropolis, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting Black history, proudly announces its collaboration with The Black Journey Walking Tour to enhance the availability of its acclaimed Black Metropolis 101 walking tour. This collaboration expands capacity to address the growing Philadelphia community demand for this tour, enabling a greater choice of available dates and times. 





This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the expansion of Black history tourism available to residents and visitors alike. By granting a license to The Black Journey Walking Tour, The 1838 Black Metropolis ensures that tour participants will have access to the latest discoveries in Underground Railroad and Reconstruction-era Black history.

The centerpiece of this collaboration is the introduction of the 1838 Black Metropolis 101 tour, a captivating journey through Philadelphia's rich and dynamic history prior to the Civil War. Participants will uncover previously unrecognized Black-built churches, municipal centers, and Underground Railroad stops, gaining insight into the lives of everyday individuals and their courageous efforts to aid Freedom Seekers.


The tour not only traverses the quiet streets where Black communities thrived but also delves into the vibrant heart of this Black Metropolis. From the awe-inspiring arrivals of Freedom Seekers to the enduring legacies of institutions, attendees will explore stories ranging from resilience against mob attacks to the global impact of this Black transatlantic hub.
















Led by a dedicated team of experienced certified tour guides, The Black Journey ensures that this narrative is presented from a Black perspective. As certified tour guides of the Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides, The Black Journey guides bring years of expertise to illuminate the size, scope, and impact of the 1838 Black Metropolis.


The 1838 Black Metropolis is constantly researching and discovering new information about this time period. As this information is learned, 1838 Black Metropolis will also hold independent Limited Series pop-up tours, separate from The Black Metropolis 101 tour


Tours for May are now posted. 


The public can sign up for Black Metropolis 101 tours by going to


The public can sign up for periodic Limited Series tours by going to 


More than a partnership, this collaboration embodies a commitment to elevating Black history and voices within Philadelphia's tourism industry.  Both 1838 Black Metropolis and The Black Journey Walking Tour are Black women-owned and operated enterprises, demonstrating the power of combination; where Black non-profit enterprises drive growth to Black economic enterprises within the community.


"We are thrilled to join forces with The Black Journey Walking Tour to expand the reach of our historic experiences," says Morgan Lloyd, President of 1838 Black Metropolis. "Together, we are forging a path towards greater inclusivity and representation in Philadelphia's tourism landscape."


About The Black Journey Walking Tour:

The Black Journey Walking Tour offers immersive and educational experiences that highlight the untold stories of Philadelphia's Black communities. Led by certified tour guides, our tours provide insight into the resilience, creativity, and impact of Black history on the city's cultural landscape. Visit 


About 1838 Black Metropolis:

The 1838 Black Metropolis is a movement to reclaim, rewrite and restore suppressed or forgotten Black Histories. As a public history project, 1838 responds to the challenges of Black history erasure in our modern moment, by using digital art, informal education, presentations and programs to share perspectives and spark creative connections amongst people hungry to learn more about the Black presence in Philadelphia and the surrounding region from 1780-1880. Visit

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