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Henry ‘Box’ Brown Wasn't the Only One: Two Women Escaped in Shipping Crates Too!

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

This is a breaking news blog post. This morning, Morgan posted the story of Lear Green on Instagram.

There is also one more unamed woman, who was pregnant, 🤯 who escaped in a box.

Note: she was pregnant 🤯.

Page 609, William Still's Underground Railroad

Here's a short video honoring the three box freedom seekers 📦💪🏾

Read all the stories on William Still's Underground Railroad

We think that Ms. Myers in the story was Rachel Myers who was in the 1838 Census at 212 South 7th Street. House numbers were changed in the Consolidation of 1854, so it's possible that 212 South 7th is now 412 South 7th.

Rachel Myers' entry from the 1838 PAS Census. There were 4 people in her family. Her occupation was 'shop keeper'

Note that in the 'Woman Escaping In a Box, 1857' Story, William Still mentions a woman undertaker who was well known to the community. Her name is Mrs. Ash, but there was another famous woman undertaker in The Black Metropolis, Henrietta Duterte. We think that Ms. Ash was probably a pseudonym for Henrietta Duterte's identity.

Here's more on Henrietta Duterte's unique solution for helping freedom seekers move North.

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