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Rix and Bix, the Toy Makers and the Spy

Bix, Rix, Toy Makers, and the Spy!?!

Hey Peeps! 👋🏾

We're just hopping on your feed to say in our 1838 census finding aid we just found two guys named (wait for it...)

Berry Bix & Mingo Rix. 😎

Rix was a porter who went to Bethel. He lived on Lombard.

Bix was also a porter who went to Bethel. He lived on Currant Alley.

This is what we think they looked like.

They have cool names.

They have cool energy.

And then we found the Toy Makers!🧸 Daniel Rhodes and his wife. They lived on 7th and Bainbridge.

And then we found the spy!?!👀

Marvin D. Mitchell who says his occupation was 'intelligence officer.'

So mysterious!

That’s it!

We 👏🏽love👏🏽them. 👏🏽💕

Who can you find?  Have you tried looking at the census? We have a step by step video on the census page. We hope you have as much fun as we do finding and loving our people.

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