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A peek into September, 170 years ago, through Black newspapers and a Black historical lens.

We talk about the people of The Black Metropolis almost as if we just ran into them on the street. They are very much alive for us.

So when we describe their history we want to add as much life and energy to the words we use and the stories we tell so that you can feel just as close as we do.

That's why we've been referencing the work of educational theorist Lagarrett King's Black Historical Conciousness framework to help us remember all the facets of human existence in our retelling of Black histories.

We thought we would share with what it might be like to read the paper in The Black Metropolis, as if you were sitting in your parlor in 1840, whilst sipping afternoon tea.

And since it's September we went with looking at Black newspapers, September editions, between the years 1838-1842.

We've paired that up with a Black Historical Conciousness lens so that we can see how the principles help us create a fully realized historical past.


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